Product Cooperative - Agreement

We help other artists and small manufacturers grow distribution and sales channels.  We accomplish this by incorporating your items into our booth space and promoting your products to our network of furniture store owners, interior designers as well as ski and outdoor industry retailers.  Agreements can be crafted in a variety of ways, but our most common arrangements are: 

1.  Representation Agreement:  We will show the items as a part of our showrooms.  You (the mfg) will be responsible for shipping the product to the customers - and guaranteeing the quality, etc...  We work with you to show the best-selling items and will gladly hand out your business cards and catalogs, etc... You agree to give us 1 set of samples and pay us a commission on the sales. 

This was our booth at a High Point Furniture Market

Dallas Market Center - Hemisphere's Design Gallery

World Market Center - Las Vegas - January 2013